A round of words in 80 days


Have you thought about your writing goals for the next 80 days?
Round of words in 80 days helps you focus and achieve these goals. It’s my first time taking part. Wish me luck!

As far as writing goes, what would I like to accomplish? As I am particularly uncomfortable when it comes to writing about myself. I will be brief. ย Below you’ll see covers I’ve designed for my first three mini-chapters.

  • cute, funny, comedyย Write everyday
  • It would be helpful to have a TiTLE for the series I’ve been writing.


  • Magically metamorphosise the series into a book. (If only that could happen! )

snake, story, funny, silly, pig, pigtail

  • Will it be a picture book, (am I too lazy to do a lot of drawing?) a kids novel, a young adult book, or silliness for grown-ups.

silliness, fun, story



  • Edit, edit and edit again.
  • How long should it be?
  • Create a dazzling, irresistible cover.


Here is what I have so far. They are mini-chapters. Each one can be read independently or you can start at the beginning.


  1. Coral’s Last Pig-tale
  2. Auburn Snake and the Dread Pirate Fuchsia
  3. Pirate pig-pen-pals lost on Mars
  4. The Loch Ness Mobster bottoms out on Mars
  5. Rusty Nails
  6. Evil Ted
  7. Boris Bubblebutt’s Behind
  8. The Cat, Vampire Rat and blue-bonnet plague
  • I’d also like to resume posting articles on inspiration, attaining happiness, the keys to resilience, healing, etc, here on this blog.
  • Finish recording my album to help people with with that.
  • Work out what my superpowers are… ๐Ÿ˜€

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24 thoughts on “A round of words in 80 days

  1. Love the titles, you have peaked my curiosity, I want to learn more. Which one are you leaning towards? Thank you for sharing! I am going to try it too, good luck!

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  2. I love the pictures you drew to go along with your chapters – a winning combination. Your plan to pull things together sounds solid. I think you write with a unique voice. Best wishes for your journey of “A Round of Words in 80 Days”.

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  3. Good luck with your fabulous fable full of fantastic heroes and funny foes! (that rhymes!) ๐Ÿ˜€ Your inspirational words are sensational and a rainbow antidote in a world that is sometimes grey.

    Thanks for just being you – and for being so entertaining. Wishing you all the very best with your album recording too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome to ROW80! Warning: Participation can be addictive. I heard about the challenge a couple of years ago, and my fellow ROWers are now stuck with me for the long haul. I hope you enjoy it here and knock those goals out of the proverbial ballpark.


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