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Photography, (and life) is about light and intention. In Cows of Light, above, where has the photographer ushered your attention? Where was I directing your gaze? Framed by shadowy mountainous contours, a human fringe, and a sky of drama; that Sky is beaming down light on top of those Cows in their verdant domain.

As humans we are bombarded with images, music, scents and the general cacophony of life. Where do we direct our attention? Is it even possible to do so? How does this constant assault on our senses affect our hearts and minds, our quality of our life? Often our attention is fixed between our ears, consumed with past regrets, future worries, or so concerned with getting things done; We miss out on life.

With Camera in hand one must remain present. You see the beauty, the adventure of life as it transpires. You can point your lens where you choose and focus in on what brings you alive. You may plan for a particular image, but often end up with something delightfully new and unexpected.

What if we lived our lives like that? As Life unfolds, what we focus on we become. Where do you want to point your mind, what kind of life picture do you want to create? Where is the light?

When the light shines, do we perceive its existence? Are we focused on the shadowy mountainous contours, the human fringe, or sky of drama; when that same sky brings magnificent light if we only open our life’s lens to it?

We don’t have to wait until our life is ‘perfect’ to focus on its joy. Perhaps a perfect life has less to do with our definition of perfection, than our awareness and acceptance of the good that exists in it right now. What if we forgot that the ‘I’ll be happy when’ phrase existed. What if we noticed the light? What if we said regardless of circumstance, ‘I’m alive! What a life, what a world!’

Our minds are the single most powerful thing we possess. We LIVE ON TOP of the world. We are not burrowing animals. Though life underground may be interesting; what majesty the surface offers! What light! Let us not burrow into the darkness in our minds, and miss out on a spectacular, unpredictable life. Our minds are fertile with breathtaking new ideas and inventions, and yearning to discover, to experience life. We are glorious. We are humans being.

57 thoughts on “LIVE ON TOP!

  1. Your words really hit home – “to plan for a particular image but often end up with something delightfully new and unexpected”. That is the place where I find peace. This posture takes the control from me and leaves me free to be in the moment, awaiting its gifts. .

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  2. Where was this taken? It’s gorgeous!! Beautifully written post as well. I love the photographers prospective! And can I just say.. is there anything you don’t do amazingly well? 🙂

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  3. I love what you wrote and agree. My attention is often focused only on the scenes I’m thinking and visualizing as I write my stories. And my time has been consumed to the immediate priorities of meeting deadlines. And often I have missed out on doing things I used to enjoy.
    But now, I’m in an art class one time a week and am learning how to focus of what’s above and how it affects all that is below. It is at these moments that I feel the freedom and the joy of everything around me. It is a grand feeling to see it all from your perspective!

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  4. The light in the landscape photo is stunning! I enjoyed your words. It’s often hard to focus on the Now as you said, but photography definitely helps create a path toward a better moment in the now. Thanks for your visit to my landscape.

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