A Minor Noisy Miner rhymer

A wing-sore Noisy Miner
searching for something finer
crossed the ocean for tweet-ment
her sparrow-chute peaked when
her beak hooted and reclined her

Flying over shear-water, she needed a shove
Out of petrel, so swift she dove
She craned her neck to see
a live red kite catch the breeze
Heron after she would glide above

She chirped heart of gold expressions
to give priceless old phleasant blessings
They would never go cheep
though she had the Hebe Grebes
when they hushed mocking bird’s fowl-play impressions

Eggs at her breast she set a spy-catcher’s test
to stop vultures robin the nest
She would keep in mind
the Fan tales Drongos find
but then Con Door up and confessed

For a Lyrereckless song to swing
to crow and caw and buzz your wings
the hummingbird hums
as his drumming feet thrum
’cause he forgot each claws to sing

funny, bird, wildlife, he said what?

I took this photo earlier in the year. When I saw the Wordle at Sunday whirl I couldn’t resist adding some quick silly limericks. 😀

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