Hogglebrush’s Handsome Hero

Matt Doppelganger bottled his emotions to a fine bouquet. Being a twin in Hogglebrush was so commonplace.

Elizabeth Sparkle raised one snooty auburn eyebrow at the tattered banana in his hand. Elizabeth’s puppy yowled, stuck in a drain.

The Sun faced the moon in an eclipsing duel. Clouds danced like swimming monkeys. Then the world paused. Matt Doppelganger galloped like a gifted giraffe and grabbed the calamitous canine.

Startled, Miss Sparkle found her puppy in her hands. Two klutzy koalas spying, tumbled down, grasping branches, barely missing …Hogglebrush’s handsome hero’s uncorking emotions and kissing the former snooty Miss; sparkling now.

Click the Kiss to read episode 2.

Love Story, Kissing, Kiss, Puppy

Photo prompt, Fiction, short story, funny, romance.

Photo by Marie Gail Stratford

Written for 1) Sabethville’s prompt: For a moment today, time stands still –but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

2) Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely RochelleWiseoff-Fields. Where you write 100 words to the above photo prompt. You can link up below or check out the other great stories.

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