Enjoying the moment.

Food for thought, wisdom, living in the present,

The mind is where we live. An exploding galaxy of noise and flurry, or a grey floating cloud. Until the body taps it on the shoulder and says, ‘hey I’m hungry.’
‘Watch where you’re going.’
‘Ouch, stop thinking so much you’re giving me a headache!’

Where is the shoulder in the mind you may ask? Sometimes I forget. Sometimes my mind dances a Salsa. so the body can’t catch it to give it a tap.

But today, eating a simple carrot (it’s been a while) ushered me back to the blessing of focus:

  • of doing something different, or as if it was the first time
  • the evanescence of everything (except love)
  • of truly being here right now in this perfect moment, in every moment
  • that any moment can be a perfect moment, even if you’re just eating a carrot!
  • how thankful I am to be a living human, who gets to experience love, laughter and a gamut of emotions and wonder.

carrot, wisdom, silliness, funThis humble carrot, (chewed up) and these thoughts (spat out) a few months ago were the catalyst to write again. After two more writing ‘episodes’ led to this blog.

It was an appeal from someone I love (after he read these three rambles) to share my ‘unique way of seeing things’ with the world that convinced me. Despite my sometimes ridiculously long sentences (and favoured use of parenthesis) (Okay, now I’m doing it on purpose!)

I couldn’t say no.

How did I get here? A carrot, and a heartfelt request to share my weirdness. I am grateful a carrot shared its wisdom with this humble mortal and I am thankful to all who read. ❀ ❀ ❀

Gratitude, Enjoying the Moment
Gratitude, thank you

With Thanks to Thankful Thursday

33 thoughts on “Enjoying the moment.

  1. I love reading your posts, they always make me feel so happy and create a big smile on my face! Everyone should start their mornings by reading your blog! πŸ™‚ Keep on spreading your positive spirit and happy notes!

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  2. Now I am munching on apple just to see if I can gain words of wisdom like you did.But I guess it works only for you.Now I feel thankful for the little things around me.Loved your post.

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  3. You stopped by my post so I thought I’d give yours a look see. I like it and your perspective. Upbeat and I do appreciate weird. I think we are all a little weird on our own way which makes each perspective unique. I’ll read some more since I’ve enjoyed my visit.

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  4. Laughter, and carrots, and interest. Oh, MY! Follow the orange brick road, follow the orange brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the orange brick road! It will take you to a good time to be had by all!

    That’s the impression I got reading your words. Had to share. Wonderful way to start the evening of delving something not so funny.

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  5. That’s the first time I’ve heard that a carrot has been the inspiration for what is written. I love the fact that we all get inspired in different ways and by different things. Inspiration for me sometimes comes when ironing, sometimes when I’m reading and even when out walking Toby and having to do the clearing up using the old hand in the plastic bag trick.

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  6. Thanks for writing about the inspiration for your blog. I love your gift (which I don’t call weirdness) of meddling with word sounds and creating new ones in funny and lovable ways. I’m happy for the carrot (not even on a stick) that you followed.

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