Hunger Shakes-Pear

Food for thought, Hunger, Shakespeare, eating
Shall I compare Food to Summer Birthdays
Chow is more lovely and surely tenderest
From Puff Pastry’s kind, to milk-shakes and darling Spud buffets
Summer’s berries have all too short order, Chef
Sometimes too hot the pie of leavened fries
and often his old convection oven dimmed
but every pair of bears six times tries cherry pies
if by chance a baker’s batter course’s untrimmed
Essential butter shall not fade
but ooze marmalade, or pears that jam it out
from breathing tea, to the bubbles of lemonade
from vernal wines to limes and rainbow trout
So long as Men can eat and mouths can chew
Long live the fare, that food give life to you!
love, happy, wonderful, amazing,

This bout of silliness was prompted by hunger, extreme lack of sleep, Writing 101 and the following two Prompts.
1) Pixel Prose Challenge hosted by Amanda Lakey at

2) Sunday Photo Fiction, September 21st 2014, hosted by Al Forbes.

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16 thoughts on “Hunger Shakes-Pear

  1. This was wonderfully creative, and I found myself smiling right from the first line. I absolutely love how flawlessly you tied in food to Shakespeare’s Sonnet. It blended so well, and it was very intriguing. Also like the pun.

    Job well done, LHN!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for visiting the Sonja series piece prompted by Al from Sept 21.
    I’m more than a tad behind on returns.

    I like your ode to food. I like to watch the different food challenge shows – especially when I need to do something like fold the laundry. Silly is always good.

    I (skipped Sonja one week and only used Al’s prompt last week – didn’t write for this week yet.
    The latest Sonja was on Al’s 10/5 prompt and can be found here:
    But don’t feel obligated. I know continuing stories aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    Liked by 1 person

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