Two of us

Singing Saturday music linky

A dark cloud looming, zooming closer,
My brother and I, too spent to move…

Earlier that day
Sam: ‘I’m so glad Mum brought us to the park today!’
Jarvis: ‘Let’s play. Let’s run. Let’s have some fun.’
Sam: ‘We’re free. We can do anything we please!’
Jarvis: ‘Yippee! Race you to the tree.’
Sam: ‘Again!’
Jarvis: ‘Look, kids playing soccer. Let’s join in.’
Sam: ‘Woohoo!’

Two of us sharing history, a hero’s quiet victory. A wonderful life, a brotherhood, through dangers, unfaltering and faithful. Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, thoughts unshaded, no glimpses, life’s natural way, content being together. Autumn fields of utter joy and fluid mischief. What a day! We flit and bounce, our eyes hold absolute pleasure, today’s treasures, until we are done…snoozy now.

Sam: ‘Do you smell Barbecue?’
Jarvis: ‘Hmmm, Could life get any better?’
Sam: ‘Wait, did you see a flash of darkness?’
Jarvis: ‘Pardon me? Kind of sleepy now…’
Sam: ‘There it is again; growing looming, zooming, consuming light…’
Jarvis: ‘It’s probably just a cloud. Is is shaped like a Cat, a Cow or an origami flower?’
Sam: ‘Is it getting darker here or ..?’
Jarvis: ‘The air’s delicious…I’m so hungry, I might eat the air!’
Sam: ‘I’m serious, the eclipse is getting closer, Jarvis!’
Jarvis still sleepy, flutters his eyes open, ‘Dude, it’s just a photographer. Smile, she’ll click and move on, and food will soon be in our bellies, Yum’.

love, inspiration, together, joy, happiness,

music, guitars, weekly challenge

Thanks to Triple Shot Friday, Monday Music Moves MeMusic Monday, and Friendship Friday

64 thoughts on “Two of us

  1. T H A NK SSSS for linking to triple shot friday – way cool – and well I have something for Saturday to link with you – anyhow, I love each of the 3 parts here ^^’ ^^’ ^^’

    and tnever heard that song before – how upbeat and nice fit with your theme ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Believe it or not I didn’t realize it right away, but it’s really the pups talking… hahaha…. but this bigger surprise is I have never heard this Beatles song much less seen the video! Thanks for sharing, and joining us. Hope to see you next week too. Our theme is always in my sidebar if you’d like to play along. Great tune!


  3. Nice post and what lovely dogs they look so regal heheh!

    I have never seen this Beatles vid before brilliant i am a big fan (well not an actual fan that blows) sounded funny when i read that back a big fan blowing flashed through my mind heheh!

    have a beatletastic week 😉


  4. My two youngest have dogs. We met them at a local park yesterday. Our son has two German Shepard mix pups and our daughter has an Australian Sheep dog who is extremely hyper. The pups are more calm than the adult dog. lol Great music choice to go with your photo. What fun! Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor!


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