Peter grew a new heart

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank
Pelican, the joy of giving, manipulation, freedom

Peter Cheater, web-slinger of dishonesty
suffered from kindness poverty
He lied, stole, cajoled oodles, kits, caboodles
from humans, to butterflies to labradoodles

Penelope had the world on a string
Thunderstruck, Peter’s ‘petered out’ heart began singing
Penelope received more by giving
without expectation or misgivings

Shamed by ill-gotten gains
Peter harangued a self-blame campaign

“Begin with self-forgiveness,
redemption, compassion. Be fearless!”

Bemused by his new muse’s request
Peter returned hijacked bling from his nest

Of name-calling, he’s deserving
but was unprepared for the joy of serving
Peter discovered the treasure of giving.
His hollow brick heart brimmed with living!

When I saw the pleasantly puffed plumage and toes wrapped around wires up high. I smiled. I though it would be uncomfortable. The happy bird stayed there for hours enjoying the water views.

Watching dozens of Pelis rush for food flung from a fisherman, I thought of how some humans’ manipulate, struggle or vie for ‘a prize’. The reward of doing something for another, is a far greater yield. I’d rather co-operate than compete. What do you think about pelicans, co-operation and kindness?

Inspired by the songs Solitaire, I’ve got the world on a string and Thunderstruck

music, guitars, weekly challenge

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Words: Featured Fiction #38, MLMM-Surprise, SoCS and Carrot Ranch-Muse

Photo: Cee’s B&W Challenge, The Weekend in B & W, Skywatch Friday and Nature Notes

51 thoughts on “Peter grew a new heart

  1. That’s such a beautiful and inspiring observation! Love the poem and how succinctly you made it 99 words. I think birds are wonderful muses. It feels so dynamic when the migratory birds come through my pond. Right now, a belted kingfisher is hunting the pond. Thanks for tying in your observations to the muse prompt!

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  2. I think he missed the class in Pelican School that taught them Pelicans generally don’t sit on electrical wires…. Mind you, there’s always one who has to be different. 😀
    It always made me laugh when all the fuss about “Positive Psychology” hit the news. Who would have thought that doing something for someone else without any expectation of return would make you feel good? [eye roll]

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  3. Wow! Best pelican shot ever! 👏👏. They are such funny birds. One could never believe the pelican could be comfortable sitting there. There was an old saying ‘you could sleep on a clothes line’ if someone was a good sleeper! Looks like Mr Pelican could do that. 😊.

    And it’s funny how giving always comes back to you.

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