You are a Star

wondrous, amazing, happyEvery breath you take,
Everything you create is yours.
I’m not keeping score,
but if I took aΒ tour
of who you are,
I’d tell you, you’re a star!

You were specifically formulated
to fill the perfect spot slated
just for you.
Your uniqueness should be celebrated,
lauded and appreciated,
it’s true.

And if others are unkind.
Wipe that from your mind
Their words, their actions
belong to them; need no reaction
to come through.

You are the best beyond compare.
There’s no one better anywhere
at being You,
if you allow yourself to.

I’ll applaud the loudest
and be the proudest
if you’ll only be
your own ‘just me’.

pretty flower, pink

music, guitars, weekly challenge

Wishing you a very happy Christmas, New Year and may every minute be filled with wonder, joy, love and laughter.

You are a shining star! πŸ˜€

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54 thoughts on “You are a Star

  1. I want to read it again and again, and remind myself of how I just owe it to myself. Thanks for this really good post..
    How are you? I have been away from blogging for a while now.. Returned today.. Have 400 emails to catch up to..

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  2. I hope this is a happy note but I’m not sure. When I open up your post to read it I find that you have a “shrinking blog.” It makes me laugh anyway. I am reading it and keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Haha! Maybe it’s the airwaves.

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