Come out to play!

come out to play

I had so much fun chasing these playful pooches! I photographed their rejoicing romp, laughing again and again. They had plenty to teach me about being alive. I was an eager student and what exuberant masters they were!

I felt an invitation. ‘It’s a beautiful world, a glorious day. Come out to play!’

They weren’t shy with exposing affection, or their connection. With their unspoken words, they understood everything each other didn’t say. They know each others limits, and when one wanted a rest he took it.

They are generous with their kindness, cheer, and amicability. They don’t need a checklist. Or differentiate between species, race, colour, or size. They intuit if you are their friend. They’re happy to be yours, however brief your time.

They don’t get lost in the world between their ears. They’re attuned to us, one other, to each moment. They’re the best present I could wish for on any day. Though my time with them was short, I will always treasure the gifts they shared on such a magical day.

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