A horizon of hope

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen the stars. With the exception of the Looney Tunes bump-on-the-head kind, of late Celestial wonders only existed within her name…

Celeste sensed Sad-urday lurking, muttering sombre remembrances. Dismiss the notion! I will not be the architect of my own discontent! A Sat-urday free of catastrophe had been tardy and delinquent. But somehow the Sat of sitting had evolved into the Sad, of knitting a tortured tangle of illusion.

leaf, discard, anxietyHer once pristine mind now smudged with uncertainty, Celeste struggled to view through the clear glass panes she once knew, before she’d become un-upholstered, stuffed and stitched with burrowing agitation. She’d been infected with grief, infested with rage, hopelessness, and crusted with frustration. Smoke and Ashes hissed their disgust and offered trunks of memory.

Celeste sealed her psyche and submerged into a serene Alpha-state. Fear and manipulation regarded her Stalwart mind. Their sharp edges narrowed in on her bones, who forthwith rippled with power.

a-world-of-tearsHer bones remembered the prior She: The one before the trauma. Her bones knew where the previous she lived and breathed and had resurrected her from their cell memory. Could She really be free? No longer masking possibilities in the downstrokes: she shimmered with fluorescent hope. She recalled a line from W. E. Henley’s poem.

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

She plunged into a calm recognition: of a time before the storm, before the sadness worn. It’s merciless thorns now shorn, satisfaction had become her benefactor. A joyous unearthly radiance secretly configured its expansive silhouette. The metamorphosis had begun.

Abundance rolled up her silken sleeves, extended in her hand a bouquet of blessings, beckoning Celeste to the bridge of the Infinite. The moment swirled with urgency. She tingled with hopeful quavers of anticipation.

Celest remembered her grandmother’s words.

Happy, inspiration, how to be happy, beautiful flowers, photography, Macro

She caught a rush of stellar slipstream. The light sparked within her as she played upon the moonbeams, swaddled in euphoria. She bounced on fluffly clouds of joy, and slid on a blush of rainbows.

‘Why haven’t I done this sooner!’

Though it had taken years, finally the Dark gaskets had crumbled, the leather straps were sheared away. Anchors, once chilling, were now brittle; shattered and vanishing, and in silence released.dicky beach, anchor

Her heart fluttered with relief. The melancholia whispered no more. It’s corrupt lava of negativity had erupted and was dusted beyond discovery. Un-promise was elegantly transformed into wonder, glimmering vivid and perky.

Celeste swam deeper into the Alpha, found a home of cherish and sparkle, and surfaced plump with intention. Her happiness glowed till she reached empyrean revelry. It shone until diamond pinnacles floated in the mist and she heard the words, Congratulations, you are free.


22 thoughts on “A horizon of hope

  1. After you said “Looney tunes”, the rest of the story became a cartoon! Also “Anchors, once chilling, were now brittle; shattered and vanishing” is a superb line, one that, in my humble opinion, caries one hell of a punch. Congrats on the great write!

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  2. There are so many startling images in this piece – I especially like “Smoke and Ashes hissed their disgust and offered trunks of memory.” It has a real sense of dusty, heavy, useless fragments of the past being dragged along by a person as they go through life, feeling more and more weighed down by what they can’t shake off.

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