A meeting of the minds

photo challenge, fictionMaya strolled into the Ladies room at the unfamiliar shopping centre. She encountered a stunning woman who returned her smile with ease. Maya contemplated how we judge and compare one another within that first impression.

The beautiful woman seemed a few years older than Maya or was it just her compassionate poise? Her eyes radiated kindness, strength, and wisdom yet they shone with innocence.

flash fiction,Maya, touched that this extraordinary woman took the time to wordlessly greet her, stepped closer to realise she’d been looking at a mirror. The woman was herself, without the harsh judgements of familiarity.

Word count 98-based on a true story


55 thoughts on “A meeting of the minds

  1. It would be a real gift if we saw ourselves that way. A few years ago I caught sight of myself unexpectedly in a department store mirror and said to myself “My goodness, you really are an old woman.” Still strangers tell me they thought I was ten years younger when they learn my age. I’m still putting the two images together.

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  2. Dear Love Happy Notes, Since I let my hair grow out to gray, i do look different than my picture – it’s taken six months so far and I probably have that much more and then My natural hair color was brownish copper, and now it looks like silver with faded blonde. Don’t know why but anyway – TA DA – maybe a new picture of me. (in a few months). Love your story!
    Nan πŸ™‚

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  3. Gotta watch those mirrors in shopping centres – some are kinder than others! Lol! It depends on the lighting. It’s a bit rough when there is a fairly harsh light right above. You’re right about the judgments though.

    Perhaps we need to be happier with what we see? πŸ™‚

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