The Kiss

Elizabeth Sparkle blushing shades of petunia, deliberating Matt Doppelganger’s kiss, cantered into Hogglebrush’s murky mist. Playful Mike Butterscotch dislodged her with his Kite. She tumbled toward the sullen swamp, that none should disturb.

Matt Doppelganger, focused on Elizabeth’s sparkle, tripped on a Pixie-Princess practising posing for Ms Pixie-verse. Princess Heather Una-Gobble’s feathers were a-tether. She saw Elizabeth’s peril, pirouetted down the craggy hill. She stopped Elizabeth’s stumble before the perturbed puddle’s wrath.

Matt Doppelganger carried Elizabeth Sparkle like a proper puritan until he hit the hilltop and kissed her again. She faux-slapped him.

‘Stop doing that!’

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Photo by Anja at Mind loves misery menagerie

Photo by Anja at Mind loves misery menagerie

Inspired by 1) Fairytale Prompt #28 by the magnificent Anja at mindlovemiserysmenagerie click the picture or above to join in

Funny, Story, Happy, Amusing, Fun

Photo by Kent Bonham

2) Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the lovely RochelleWiseoff-Fields. Where you write 100 words to the photo prompt to the left. You can link up below or check out the other great stories.

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