I love puppies


For this exercise, I went to 3 year old (unedited) me and wrote the first words that came out.

I love puppies
They make me feel all mushy
They are beautiful and fun
and friend to everyone
Puppies make us laugh and play
make every day a better day
They miss us when we’re gone
make us feel like number one
Don’t mind if we dress them up in
nothing a pup should be seen in
Soft and warm and cuddly
sunny, jumpy and bubbly
they pick us up when we’re feeling down
Make us chase them round and round
Wag their tail with glee
Overjoyed just to be
with us. They don’t fuss
or cause mistrust
They love us unconditionally
and sometimes irrationally
forever and ever
Now what could be better!


Writing 201: Poetry Day 4: Concrete Poetry, Animal, enjambment

Many Puggles (puppy cuddles) to you ❤


18 thoughts on “I love puppies

  1. I so loved the heart shape that I ploughed right ahead and read the whole thing, partly up-side-down. I think you connected with the three year old in me. I read further down and found the adult version. Glad I took the fun route. ❤

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  2. I read this round and round on my ipad and even accidentally switched the screen off in the process! Lol! Mmmmm ……. Wonder how you did this? I’m impressed. 😄. I love puppies too!

    Hope you are enjoying the rain. It’s lovely February weather now. I like warm rainy days at this time of year. Have a top day!

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