Alphabet crackers in my soup

Nan Tucket’s bucket of Wacky Winsome Wisdom

Accept Amiable Appreciative Altruists, yes, trust
Believe in your Benevolent Blessed Beloved, flooded with
Considerate Compassion, Charm and courtesy, then curtsy
Delight in Decent, Devoted Dignity, deliciously
Ease into empathy, Ethics, Equality, goodness me!
Free your faith in Friendship, Forgiveness, be limitless
Gently guide to Grace, at your own pace
Honestly Honour Humane Helpful Happenings, you’re a Captain King
Inspire integrity with your Influence, remember You’re brilliant
Journey to jolly Jubilance, with exuberance
Keep kindness Kittens Keen with wit and sheen
Love life and Loyalty, lead learners and yearners
Meet Meaningful Mindful Merit and Mercy, Firstly
Nurture nice noble Neighbours with favourites
Open your heart to Optimistic Oneness. Goodbye glumness,
Please be polite, Pleasant, Peaceful to all animals and people
Quietly see Quality, Quickening your listening
Respect Radiant Relationships. Rejuvenate patience tips
Support Sympathetic, Selfless Acts to the max
Thank Transformation. Triumph foundations! Trust Togetherness,  It’s the best!
Understand unity, Truly, be unconditional in principles of
Value Verity, Vitality, Valiancy
Welcome Wonder, Win Worth with Warmth
XO, X factor, Xenial, be genial
Yippee, Yay, Yahoo, it’s You!
Zippy, Zesty, Zany, Zing, I’m so happy let’s sing

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 3. Trust, acrostic, internal rhyme

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