Questions, Questions everywhere!

There’s a ‘what’s it?’in the shower
and a ‘who’s it?’ in the hall
a ‘where’s it?’ in the tower
A ‘why’s it?’ hiding in my shawl

Conundrums in the wardrobe
polls under the stairs
riddles in my ear lobe
Questions, questions everywhere!

Doubting Thomas in the larder
spouting promises of woe
Spinning Jenny knits uncertainty
What a martyr is that Sloppy Joe!

Adam’s apple is all jelly
Achilles feels like a heel
Even Steven’s a nervous Nellie
Great Scott’s lost his zeal

Until Nan Tucket dissolves buckets of Muckety-muck
terminates a truckload of lame-duck bad luck
Disquiet disappears rather snappy
Minds find their way back to ‘Yippee!’ happy

cute picture, blue bucket,

Nan Tucket dissolves buckets of Muckety-muck

15 thoughts on “Questions, Questions everywhere!

  1. Glad the disquiet disappeared at the end! A joyous poem – thank you!

    We have just been to Lake St Clair in Tasmania. It is the most serene place I have been to – fantastic! We had a cabin overlooking the lake.

    This is my first visit to the Apple Isle and it is amazingly beautiful! Have a happy day! 😊✈️

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