From stillness comes an explosion of imaginings

swarm of ideas, a pop of colour, Swarms of thought sail into mind
a deep-blue susurrus of helical lines
Bijou phrases: elegant, kind
others declined or resigned to find
the edge of reality, 
A halo of ideas, refine vitality
sent from the chasm, wisdom oft buried
when senseless thought-threads unwind and are carried

Free from unquenchable meanderings
thought becomes still, no longer pandering
to whatever pops in; falls into meditations
awakening effable vibrant creations
an explosion of imaginings

Blessed orchid from which we’re fashioned
let us rise from its root, etch a landscape of passion
the highest point of view
begets of self, what is true

Higher point of view, pelican

When we are looking behind or caught up looking out my back door, reflectioninside the eddy of thoughts in our mind, we miss out on the scents, the colour of today; of knowing who we truly are and getting to know the people, the magic of the world around us. But by stilling the inner commotion we can put in motion a life to truly live.

When we look around there is a plethora of amazing things to be found. 😀

look around

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14 thoughts on “From stillness comes an explosion of imaginings

  1. I enjoyed the poem and its vivid description of the creative process of writing (or that’s how I read it, anyway) — and I appreciated your advice to seek out the “scents” of the day. Wonderful pictures! (I also liked the rear-view mirror best, but the bird — pelican, I guess? — was a favorite as well.)

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