Babette and Rabbit de Niro

Cute rabbit, drawing, watercolour

Babette Rabbit stockpiled her shells
doing time for flopping Raster’s cell
phone saddled in the Ogre’s shoe
smellier than 14-week-old gnu stew
Babette’s a Hoptomist and funny
But ensnared, a hot-cross-bunny

Doe-eyed to Bunnymoon with Rabbit De-Niro
Her husband and under-warren hero
Babette hocked her shell treasure
for master-Raster’s measure
Desperrabbit to cottontail this inn-grown-hare pen
Promised never to burrow his phone again

Raster viewed dew-claws terms, Ped-agreed
Babette bunny-hopped the shoe, freed
Took her lucky rabbit’s feat to millionhare days
Now the Hare-brained de-Niros fly Carabbitbean Hareways

Words and Artwork © Love Happy Notes

Written for Weird and Wacky Wednesdays at the Writing Room, run by the wonderful run by the wonderful Melissa Barker-Simpson (although I couldn’t post until Friday due to computer problems.

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