The Simple Life; a treasure to remember

HAPPINESS, A BETTER LIFE, YESTERDAY, TREASURED MEMORIESThis Spanish Mission-style Pavilion  sensation, built in Kings Beach, Australia in 1937 blesses many happy generations.

Does a pleasure blueprint live within Pavilion’s walls? She’s seen hordes of visitors in her hall as they sheltered from the beach’s squall, washed and primped in shower stalls and answered mothers’ and nature’s calls.  With Seventy-seven years of memories created there, here are treasures she may hold dear.

PLAY, HAPPY, CHILDHOOD, MEMORIES, When Pavilion was born, hats were worn, news broadcast at a theatre, ‘Talkies’ played to new seekers, long before ‘double features.’ A band played, happy and gay, black and white movies displayed.

Through radio shows, we felt aglow, ever so eager to hear them. We gathered round glued to the sound; each actor’s voice, pure gems.

Jazz brought its pizzazz and razzamatazz, and we took in as much as anyone has. Australia grew with friends who were new. Men toiled and roamed to build the country we call home.

We played in the Sun, inventing games for fun. And when tired and done, ran home to the call of Mum. Washed up for dinner, through summer and winter. Found the tweezers for Dad to pull out our splinters. With a naive plea and obvious glee, we waited for our favourite show on TV. We shared a room with our siblings and puppy, and lived days of simple, free and happy.

What profound changes has Pavilion seen? (I don’t mean in the restroom, keep it clean!) The world has fashioned new ways of doing, of being, living and seeing. Now we live in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, chained to the screen in this digital age. Are we even aware? And if we are, do we care? Are we snared to the glare, caught in the net of a touch-screen affair?

INTERNET, PLAY, CHILDHOODSo much information at every station. The learning elation (dopamine) is not our salvation. Our research applied, we try to spy the bulls-eye, but things sometimes go awry. We comply, defy but somehow the right knowledge is denied.  How do we decide: which item to buy. Which job to bye-bye. Where to reside. Which love to let fly, and on whom to rely?

We struggle with resolution, through our confusion and constant intrusions, we are never sure of our conclusions. This meta-data infusion, diffusion and profusion of inclusions leads to disillusion. Is it collusion? I need a brain transfusion. What is the solution: seclusion? Is it all an illusion?

Could Pavilion’s exemplary memories, hold an elementary directory to reverie? And embrace the merry assembly of the century? Or at least be pleased, without the squeeze, to appease the trustees of one’s body with ease? Let us dispense with Decision fatigue and the multi-syllable tease. Oh dear, I’ve got mind freeze.

Hi, I’m SIMPLICITY, remember me? I don’t offer guarantees. But the cat and dog on the other pages agree. You may suspend the complicated trapeze, be what you please.  (As long as it doesn’t harm anybody) You have the ability, the fire, know where to find the keys. I suspect deep down you miss ‘Yippee’. De-cluttering your mind and life is free. There’s no need to be a fun absentee.

A simple life awaits in the future wisdom of the past; choose wise, live well. Appreciate now. Let’s have a blast while it lasts!


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27 thoughts on “The Simple Life; a treasure to remember

  1. Fantastic written and fun to read. I agree and I love it simple:) Todays life really can be a mess if we choose to mess it up, there sure is a lot of opportunities to do that… Love this!

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  2. I’ve often wondered what a building could tell us if it could speak. Sounds daft I know, but your post speaks that to me as well. Just think of everything it could tell us on how times and life have changed since it was built. All the people that have passed it and how the fashion has changed over the years. How living itself has changed, going from slow to today’s fast pace with electricical gadgets in our hands or held to our ears. Different from past days when people stopped to talk and chat. Oh, I could go on…:)

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  3. This is a superb mix of history. The stories the Pavilion tells and your description of today’s wasteland of “sound and fury signifying nothing” tell a tale of metamorphosis from simpler days to the frantic present.. Your use of words, rhymes, wisdom, and playfulness are a bridge that says me all is not lost.

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  4. I remember that pavilion from waaaay back! Fun, surf, saltwater and sandy feet we did not lack! In order to get back on track I must take time off to be slack (horrors!) lie back on the grass, stare at the sky and let time fly by. goofing off it used to be called. 🙂 Please do not be appalled.

    Fantastic post btw. 🙂 Like your new theme, too.

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