Here Kitty Kitty

beautiful cat, gorgeous kittyTHE CAT

I know not her name or from where She came, or even if She’s a she at all, but ‘The Cat‘ has made a considerfurball impurrsion. Compared to all the Pawsome cats eye can’t furrget, she is the Cat’s pajamas.

She’s Beautifurl, just the Cat’s meow and a real glamour puss. So I want to take her photo. Each time I run out with camera in hand, she runs away like a cat on a hot tin roof and I’ve got as much chance as a wax cat in hell. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Oops, I better not say that out loud. I don’t want to get her back up.

pretty, funny, very funny, funny cat storyShe’s always furtively, slinking into my yard, taking cat naps, pussyfooting around and disapurring faster than a cheetah’s be-hind leg. Purrhaps she’s a Cat purrglar, be-claws her Acrobatic profelinecy is remarcatble.

Mum thinks She’s Purrsian, but we have no Kitty ex-purr-tease. We just call her ‘the Cat’ excitedly each time she graces us with her presents. (No not the scattered kind. Her presence is the present, since she’s so rarely seen.) She’s the cat’s mother, my mother used to say, though to this day I don’t know why.

I sidle up to her slowly (‘The Cat’ not my mother although ‘She’ could be the cat’s mother if she really is a she), ready to shoot. I promised I wouldn’t neuter-all-eyes her and there’s no way I could whisk her away, she’s such a smooth opurrator!

grumpy cat, very grumpy cat, not impressedI can’t judge her expurrsion.  Is she putting on hoity-toity hairs, grumpier than a bag of cats or a scaredy, fraidy cat?I know they say let sleeping cats lie, but shouldn’t they tell the truth like everyone else?

I hope she’s not feeling Pee-fish or Pet-you-lent.  I don’t want a cat nip catsualty. That would be a catastrophe! There’s a fine lion between purrmitting proximity and the Meow-ouch catty-gore-ease. I don’t want a Meowdical predicatmint!

She pawses, purr-if-feral-ly aware. I don’t want her to scampurr off.

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag, but she stays. If she’s treating me with cat-tempt, it’s not purrceivefurball, but I just know she’s thinking catty remarks like look what the human dragged in!funny cat, funny story, jokes, word play, amazing

She knows what curiosity did to the cat but soon she’s cat-tivated. I barely trigger a snappy shot and she’s cat-a-bolted herself over de-fence.

Some would say it was blue meowder getting theses imeowages, but even though some think she’s a real sour puss, I couldn’t be more purrleased! I couldn’t wait to tell you the good Mews!

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