Disney rhyme licks

Disney, Limericks, Funny, Silly

The Photo Centre machinery thrummed
Dopey was sleepy, Grumpy bummed
Doc sneezed, feeling bashful
Snow White gnawed her apple,
happy someday her Prints would come

With a mouserable Pete-rified face,
Minnie said “Mickey, I’m a disgrace”.
Stumped, Mickey missed the skinny.
Minnie goofing her iPad mini
had sent Pluto to Outer-Space!

“Why can’t we go to Peter Pan’s?”
said Wendy, waving ice-cream hands.
“Stinkerbell won’t have a bath
Plus she makes us do math
and a plane sign says Never Land”

My first ever Limericks as a result of Bastet’s Shadorma or Limerick prompt.

23 thoughts on “Disney rhyme licks

  1. This is fantastically funny! Thanks for the giggles. I love this kind of humor: playing with words. You took great advantage of one of the flaws in our language (homonyms and such) and turned them into fantastic humor. I also like how you warped “once upon a time” characters to a modern event.

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