You are Gifted

self-belief, self-confidence, geniusThe World needs You
You are uniquely gifted, and even if your purpose isn’t clear, there’s a reason you are here. You are of benefit to the world! But your gifts can also provide comfort to you. Knowing you can do something well, your confidence swells. We each possess wonderful abilities, talents and magnificent charm and the key to growing these, is self-belief.

Nourish Yourself, and your abilities. Explore new skills. Believe
Maybe the right seeds weren’t nurtured and you are living somself-confidence, self-improvementeone else’s dreams, or nightmare! Are your thoughts your own? There’s no need to listen to the weeds. The right seeds live inside you. Some you may be great friends with, others you may not have seen for years, and there are more you haven’t met yet. What an exciting adventure to explore.

self-help, self-love, magic

You are Valuable!
There are so many influences, controlling what we think, it is hard to see the tree for the forest. You are the tree! A beautiful tree, that is providing oxygen-giving life to the world! You matter. You are an essential part of the world, and we need your gifts. We are grateful you exist. Take care of yourself, we need you.

You are perfect!
You have the right stuff, to create the life of your dreams. Choose to believe in YOU. Like happiness, It’s an attitude. Regardless of the past, our perceived circumstance, or our ‘I can’t’ alibis, let’s not focus on the can’ts, but on what we can do. Remember when I told you, you’re a genius? Life is meant to be wonderful, meaningful and full of wellness, love and joy. Let’s choose that. Enjoy your gifts! Love your Life. Live it well. Sending lots of love to YOU!

❤ ❤ ❤

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