Speak the Words in Your Heart

Speak and listen through your heart
Close the outside world, it need not take part
in conversation, resist the temptation of one-up-man-ship
nothing is more important than your relationships

What you hear
What is inside the mind of the person speaking?
If only we could talk with our feelings.
Language may be a communication device,
but the words alone do not suffice

Look into their eyes as they speak
From the expressions on their face, seek
Read their posture, the inflections in their speech
Relationships rely on these skills to out-reach

What you say
When you speak consider each syllable
Design every phrase as if they were multi-billable
Relate each feeling you want to be heard
eliminate distractions, so the words don’t seem blurred

Look into their eyes as they listen
do they understand your words or is the context missing?
What does their posture, expressions disclose behind the scene?
It’s paramount that your loved ones comprehend what you mean!

Inspired by an Excerpt from my story ‘Do you want to know a secret’

‘We don’t let mis-communication distort our trust; to grow weeds that intrude on our love and insidiously disrupt. The words in your heart do not always translate through your brain and tongue, to get your intended meaning across.

The listener is not in your head. They may have heard words differently to what you meant. We each have our own experiences and personal dictionary to filter through.

But August and I know, neither would ever mean to hurt the other. So we unwrap the box of conversation to look inside the words, to see what the true message is.’

the words in your heart, true meaning

19 thoughts on “Speak the Words in Your Heart

  1. Beautiful thoughts, I liked the reference to not letting miscommunication grow weeds that insidiously disrupt. It makes a perfect mental image. Many times we say things that don’t quite come out right, it would save many heartbreaks if we just de-weed our perception before we lashed out.

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