Ever doubt yourself? Think you are not worthy? Think that when you were de-cluttering, you accidentally put your self-esteem in the ‘donate’ or ‘rubbish’ pile? You went looking for it one day, but all you could find to wear was that old pair of ‘genes’, you don’t quite feel comfortable in. But you put them on anyway.

You decide what emotion to wear.purpose, motivation, wonderful
You may prefer wearing a cloak of invisibility to Partici-Pants, and listening to this, mine may seem to be Ram-pant and Flip-pant (not a matching pair). But what you wear looks different on you, than what you see in the mirror.

A Smile is the classic look in Style. You can fashion those lips to reverse the dip, with a little muscular persuasion on any occasion. 😀

It’s up to you, how cool is that!
You may have drunk in Adversi-Tea, Affa-Billy-Tea, Adapta-Billy-Tea, spent years imbibing Universi-Tea, Single-airy-Tea, (or sought directions to couple-dome). You have so much A-Billy-Tea, you can’t just leave in the cupboard. Savour its flavour. Share! Don’t hide it in Bushells, or Be a Dill-Ma knows best. You are blessed, forget the Quest-eons, time’s away, sting. (a wasting)

winnerYou are a winner.
Still don’t believe me? Think of all that had to happen for you to be born: The gory details of conception. You were the fastest swimmer. You won the race!


Plus you had to end up at the right place at the right time. Not only that , You were the swimmer and the destination. You were one with the moment!

You stayed in the dark for a long time. You knew not of needs, they were met without you asking. You grew like time-lapse photography sped up to infinity.

Let me just say, Congratulations, you made it, You were born!

love, happy, wonderful, amazing,

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