I’ve been a bird that doesn’t sing

When did you know you were lost? he asked.
He tended to words like delicate glass
Careful not to scatter stones
Or shatter deep into marrow-bones

His eyes read my knotted thoughts
My begging had tallied naught
Ousted by wearied, sunken men
a tide of sorrow threatened

My tears drizzled into the sea
a requiem of solemn adversity
I should have starved, by my reckoning
a gaudy feeble end, long beckoning

His baritone almost demure
drowned by the wave-afflicted shore
‘I will teach you to fly
My dear,ย you shallย claim the sky’

His words nestled under my wings
I’ve been a bird that doesn’tย sing
Alone, adrift, how could that be?
With but one humble plea: family

‘A clan of thousands wait nearby
They’re clamorous, squawky and impolite,
but my brood will take you in
You need never be alone, or hungry again’

He readied his form for the roar
As a gust rose him from the shore
‘Follow, I will lead.
I will teach you to be free’

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45 thoughts on “I’ve been a bird that doesn’t sing

  1. Gorgeous work! There are so many lines in this that are like little gems โ€“ like “He tended to words like delicate glass” and “Iโ€™ve been a bird that doesnโ€™t sing” โ€“ a wonderful take on the prompts! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I absolutely loved this – I read the other day and liked it but read it again today and want to give extra stars. It’s beautiful. I think there are times when we have all been the “bird that doesn’t sing”. I also liked that his words didn’t shatter the marrow – linking back to sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me rhyme as a kid. I know all too well words can hurt, so it is good when someone takes care…

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  3. “Follow, I will lead.I will teach you to be free”… Love the prose with the photo collage. Did you write this? It is wonderful….I am watching all the birds in the yard..the parents bringing their babies and teaching them how to use the feeders. You can’t help but smile and wonder how magical it is to be able to fly… Michelle

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