Cats have been reading about me; Zena!

Wow, can you believe it! Since Here Kitty Kitty went up, paw-some Cats around the world have been purrusing Me. I’ve been a Purr-fectly sneaky Kitty for a furry long time. But now, I really am the Cat’s Meow! I’m still on the Catwalk, but…Look below, there I am: a Glamour-Puss in all meow natural wonder, being viewed (in my very own book) by a Top Cat. Oh My Cat! They have even nomeownated and purr-sented me with A-catty-meow Award in my Cat-egory. Ever since, I’ve been singing, Oh what a beautifur Meowning, Oh what a wonder-fur day. I’ve got a glori-puss furr-ling, everything’s going my way.

cool kitty, funny, cats readingMy name is Zena. I am not a worrier princess. I don’t like to fret. I don’t believe in regret. I’m purr-leased to be a celebrity Purr-incess. Thanks to all the Meow-varlous Kitties who voted for Me in the Cat-alogues… and to my Photographer and writer, Love Happy Notes; but do we have to tell her?
fantastic, cats, funny cats
“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…”
― Albert Schweitzer

Little by Little

35 thoughts on “Cats have been reading about me; Zena!

  1. Oh come on – only music and cats? Surely dogs and …. possums too! I think your cat should be elected Purrime Meow-nisiter of Aust-tail-ia and oversee the running of this Purr-aradise we live in. Surely your cat would win the voters by much meow-re than a whisker.

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  2. I am a real cat person too. When I am in a foreign country cats pursue me and talk to me. They are often the only persons who understand me in a country , where I don’t speak the language of.
    I love cats !
    Please join us in the next round too! With your cats if possible!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

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