The future of life on Earth – A bird’s eye view

As I peek between the trees I see…Humans.

bold, curious, between, cool photo

I am a bold and curious bird. I live a simple life. Happy to eat nectar, fruits, insects; I rarely mince words. I don’t like big bird, all yellow and scary. And kookaburras and hawks are a threat to the colony.

I share a space with Rainbow Lorikeet. If you think I am noisy, it’s minor compared to these. When they set up a meet, I can’t hear myself think. Hundreds and thousands gather together each day.They all talk at once, but they’ve got much to say.

Stories have passed down through the years, of an unpaved paradise. But no matter where we go the land is less alive. It’s happening everywhere. Let me tell you something, ‘We care!’

I’ll hand you over to beautiful Lori, who is much prettier and louder than me.

Oh, you’ve caught me in the middle of dinner. Just look at these blooms, I’m on to a winner. But I’ll oblige you with break from my feed, to say a few words, about, greed, seeds and trees.

beautiful bird, rainbow lorikeet.

No one is going to win the Human race, when mother nature runs out of space. We can put a sign on display, ‘Dear Aliens, Earth is full, try somewhere else, good day.’ When the trees are only in the museum, nobody will be left to see them. We cannot breath or eat without them.

Polar Bears can only swim so far. When the food is gone, who’ll be here to buy a car? Forests that became farms, morph into deserts as we speak. You won’t need the ‘natural’ gas,  when there is nothing left to eat. Nowhere left to grow it, or stow it that is clean. What’ll we drink when all the water is polluted? Why must things be so convoluted? You may be sad to see a species extinct a day, but it won’t be long before it’s headed your way. Life’s gone astray. It is yourself on which you prey.

Our beautiful green brain has confronted a labotomy, I beg you please, think about the trees. We are heading towards a drowning of every species. On a trip with no return. Do we really need every little thing for which we yearn? Turning our world old and grey, as we forge more wrinkles in her sheath every day.

A simple rock spinning through space that keeps getting blown up all over the place. Heavy skyscraper Earrings hanging in every direction. And damning Dams that tug her orbit from its projection. I miss the days of fresh clean air, before we were wrapped in pollution’s glare.

Sure I’m parroting words you’ve already heard, and I probably sound like a deranged bird. But it’s absurd. Our nests aren’t giant hoarding houses, we only use what we need, for our babies, our spouses.

As the trees fall down so does our tomorrow, let’s face it today. Repair yesterday’s misdeeds, so we all live another day. All the while there have been other solutions. I beseech you, please let us start to use them.



Writing 101 Day 15

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29 thoughts on “The future of life on Earth – A bird’s eye view

  1. The photos are fantastic….but I must admit your narration to this post is extraordinary!! Enjoyed viewing the birds and loved reading…

    Thanks for linking up this weekend at the Bird D’Pot on blogspot. Always appreciated.

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  2. This is charming! I’m not sure how I made it this long enjoying your wonderful support on my blog without moseying over here. What a lovely piece I found when I finally did. A great message wrapped in a very fun package 🙂

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