little meWe were born to be happy:

To enjoy our lives fully, regardless of circumstance.

What makes you happy?

  • To live with passion and purpose enveloped by the love of family and friends
  • To do fulfilling work that you love, that helps others as well.
  • To work together instead of competing against one another.
  • To enjoy the journey as well as the goal.
  • To travel the world, in perfect health.
  • I’m sure you can come up with plenty more!

We deserve a life of joyous adventure. I believe everyone is naturally gifted at one or many things and there are always alternative ways to accomplish something. We were born to smile. πŸ˜€

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At Love Happy Notes we focus on Inspiration, Happiness and Fun

  • you’ll read Inspirational or funny words and stories
  • see Photos, and sketches or art when I’m feeling brave.
  • see beautiful places and animals
  • Hopefully you’ll laugh out loud, be inspired to inspire, or appreciate the life you have.

Let’s live a better life.Β Why wait for Happiness to visit. Let’s send Happiness an invitation! πŸ˜€

Famous, billboard

Like you, I want to save the world and all things of nature, including us! I’m just not sure what my superpowers are yet. I’d love it if you’d join me in my quest for silliness, joy, and wisdom, from an optimistic minstrel’s den. Thanks for visiting. We love company!

Wishing you all the Happiness you could imagine, and then some more! ❀ ❀ ❀

Welcome, Happiness, Fun, Inspiration, Love, Wisdom

220 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your intro…so full of contagious enthusiasm and a love of life. And wow, I love all of the cool names you have for your interests! I have four teenage-ish daughters (15-21) so my superpower is lie detecting and mind reading! πŸ™‚ They are actually wonderful and hardly ever have to use my powers on them.

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  2. well thanks for dropping by my blog – and I have had the chance to look around and it looks like I really like your blog – your humor – your perspective – and the whole feel is pretty cool. πŸ™‚ and I just had to press the follow button –

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  3. Thank you for commenting on one of my writing 101 posts. I enjoy your enthusiasm in regards to your amazing blog – your use of poetic prose is admirable.

    My newest post about a young girl and a vampire is here. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your commentary…

    happy blogging – jcm3blog πŸ™‚

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  4. Thank you for liking my Ailsa horizons entry. I would like to assure you, for the nicest of reasons, that it is not my intention to nominate you for an award. I wouldn’t know what to do anyway!

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  5. Hey there, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. I hope this makes for a happy note. πŸ™‚ You can find the post here (http://wp.me/p2xbqA-eA), and I would be happy if you accept, but can also understand that if you’re not the award accepting type or have too many of these already or whatever, that this might just not be your cup of tea. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I love your blog!

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  6. Hi. I know you don’t accept awards, but I have listed you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award in my nominations. I just want you to know that you inspire me to be creative, fun, positive, and wonky. My critique for your blog: You are the Red Vine of bloggers: sweet, twisty, and fun. Thank you!

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