Inside the Mind’s verse

When the fog of fear 
blurs my course

I look for the light 

in my minds verse

When doubt’s tainted odour
or anger’s snarling ogre
clouds maturity
into obscurity
If depression’s smog
becomes obsession, and flogs
our confidence in the future…

Be it a delight
or a curse
I am destined to search
for things of worth

in people, situations
In the murkiest location
there is always that which shines
amongst the grime, seek even the finest line
of grace, integrity, goodness, being kind…
Behold you shall find

Should out of the mud, emerge a Lilliputian lotus
one can cultivate perception, to notice
A spark of hope may be kindled to faith
that the future may be great!

Why narrow the depth of field
When so much more could yield
from harvesting a beneficial mind
Fates aren’t sealed or signed
Cannot anything be healed, given time?
I sure hope this rhyme was worth the climb 🙂


Writing 201: Day five

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