There’s no place like home

I live from a unique perspective. Honestly, I’ll not spin you a web of lies, but try to weave a tapestry of my life.

We live outdoors, in the fresh air. The view is inspired, and my neighbours are the gypsies of the natural world. My food is delivered fresh though sometimes I must be patient for delivery. But I don’t mind hanging around, I’ve nowhere else to be. There are always new discoveries!

I work from home. My work may appear a monotony, but from my orientation, life abounds with meaning. I practice intention-directed routines, to enhance my well-being.

When I consider who I want to be, my values are important to me. What may seem a tedious responsibility, such as when I built my home. I appreciate the value it brings. My children are safe and loved. That is what matters to me. I can walk around and my food arrives free. Even the children’s father came here to me!

If you threaten my family, I will protect them. My venom speaks more than words. And though I won’t see my children grow up, I have given them everything they need. As my time is closing in, I will ask: What matters most to you?


Orb Weaver Arachnida

spider, wisdom

Photo 101-Home

51 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. Where I live and having someone to love is what matters most to me. During the summer months I watch some of your relatives weave huge webs in the garden – fascinating. And I’m not just stringing you along. Fangs for the intriguing story. 😊

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  2. Hi That’s a nice twist to the prompt. Being a teacher I am still in the mind set of answeing to the question and so I follow the prompt as closely as I can. I should begin to give the prompts a different view point like you have done.

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  3. Stopping by from One Word Wednesday. I loved this. It was fun and I could feel the twist before I fully understood it, but not enough to spoil the surprise. The cadence was so easy to read along with. Wonderful way to start my day. Thanks

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  4. Haha this was witty and a cool take on the task. I didn’t even realise it was from a spider’s point of view and was like “hey, why’s he/she not going to see their kids grow up?” I can be a tad slow at times though. Well done!

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