Another point of view

photographers butt

How do others see us? We are busy enjoying life. Focused on one thing. But what is going on around us?

What is life from another’s point of view? Not everyone sees the world the way we do. You may photograph a stunning view. Behind you, all I espy is your rear! I’m not saying that it’s not a work of art. Or that my perspective is especially alien. (I wonder how Aliens perceive our antics?)

Empathy is not just wearing another man’s shoes. A woman’s shoe is far less comfortable! We cannot know how someone else feels.

24 thoughts on “Another point of view

  1. Beautiful. Love the photograph of being photographed. I guess I don’t worry how I’m viewed when I’m photographing something/someone. I’m in the moment, doing what I love, and nothing else around me matters. When I’m getting my zen on, then I’m one with everything anyway. 🙂

    Great post.

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  2. I think about how an outsider would interpret the collection of photos I have of my family. I take most of them, so I make a rare appearance compared to the rest of us. I’m more self-conscious, too, so I delete a fair share of the ones I do make it into. I like the photo and your piece.


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