The Homecoming

lighthouse, colour,
He waited for an hour
abreast the leaning golden tower
His affection wed to guilt
for his beloved Shelby Hilt

He couldn’t settle down
word was out across the town
She was coming home today
He couldn’t wait to play
to sing with, to spoil her
that’s just how they were

He hadn’t meant to hurt her
and then helpless, desert her
Leave her with a man she didn’t know
to mend her broken centre. Though
the accident was quick
she’d taken quite a kick…

‘Shelby has to be alright’
he bewailed, forthright

A bustle in the shadows
A shout across the meadow
He longed to be with
the one he dearly missed
At last at their meeting
choked with affection his greeting…

Not a word. I know
it’s absurd, to bestow
rich emotion, deep devotion,
and to harbour artless ardor-
favored by far- on a vintage car

36 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. Well, I did wonder about the lines “the accident was quick / she’d taken quite a kick…”
    Hmm, a peculiar relationship, I thought to myself. But I still had no clue that Shelby might be a car πŸ˜‰

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