Sounds like Homer-phones

word-play, puns, homophones, fun

A right-her ley down two sleep
where window sill-a-bells speak
Passed particles mixed with met-her-fours
Yore pleased two no, I’m shore

He didn’t no when mist aches were maid
His spell chequer is a witches aide
He said ‘Weather eye am wrong oar write
cent-in-says byte, sensing fray-says might’

‘Missed-steaks eye kin-knot sea
Verb sand subjects dish agree
Like a simile wonton ex-press-shone,
who kneeds rhetorical quest-eons?’

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27 thoughts on “Sounds like Homer-phones

  1. This is great. I actually had to read it out loud because otherwise I read the words for what they were, which was pretty confusing at first. I felt like I was learning to read again! Quite a fun little trick. Well done!

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