Rainbows of Happiness

Singing Saturday Challenge for Music Inspired Posts

Featured Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

wonderful, happy, fiesta, magic

Within the Arc of colour
lives a dream like no other
A bow of rain may cloud your view
but the dream waits for you

Why abide in black and white?
Live a feast every day and night
Why starve yourself of merry
just to be contrary?

May your dreams come true
all you wish to be and do
May every gesture brew
a fiesta, and a wondrous life for you

love, happy, wonderful, amazing,

Inspired by Somewhere over the rainbow: With Harold Arlen’s gorgeous melody and whimsical lyrics by E. Y Harburg, it’s a truly magical song. I loved seeing Judy Garland sing it in the Wizard of Oz, especially with Toto – he’s so cute (and naughty). But when I heard Eva Cassidy sing it I loved her version too. I hope you like them.

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