Love gives you wings

Monkeys can’t fly he wailed
My bones are heavy, my homemade feathers stale
Loop-flapping thermals, cocooned by family
Fostered by a soaring Gull canopy
Plummeting, rising, air-streaming, flying?
Steady at last, love-lifted, gliding
Devotion spanning plumage he sings
Love gives you wings
family, love, devotion, lift, fly

Awesome story, wonderful poetry, love, support

44 thoughts on “Love gives you wings

  1. My favorite moment is “Plummeting, rising, air-streaming, flying?” It captures the roller coaster we all go on when we fall in love and take a leap of faith. And the “flying?” made me think of the times when I was younger when I wasn’t sure I was doing it right. That is, loving someone correctly. Great writing, LHN. A strong first entry!

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  2. There’s so much energy and movement in your language here it really does bring flight to mind. This was my favourite line: “Fostered by a soaring Gull canopy.” I love the image and I think it’s wonderfully musical.

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