You won’t believe what I heard!

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funny, kookaburra, you won't believe what I heard, fantastic, amazing,There was a Baa-Baa-Sheep Quartet watching a Wooly Ma’am-Mouth for the Lyrericks to…Pack up all your cares and woes, here I go singing low, Baa Baa Blackbird

Can’t they see I’m a curious Kookaburra on the lamb! Cheeky, sneaky and completely adorabird. Ewe know what I mean!

The Sheep theme song is Bleat it, Bleat it, no one wants to be defeated
They want to ram home the happy, like a playful Mutt-on a herding quest, fatten up the bleatitude, as a cure for depressheep. The Baaritone shepherds us to Buck baad behaviour. Should we flock to them? I’m feeling a little sheepish myself. Think I’ll go count sheep, I’m feeling sleepy, very sheepy…

music, guitars, weekly challenge

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63 thoughts on “You won’t believe what I heard!

  1. What a great shot of the Kookaburra. Such a bold and perky expression on his face, and I love the blue bill. I would love to see him in action, laughing it up. Your puns are cute too.

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