I see you

I see you, happiness, dragonfly, helicopter, metaphor
I see you Dragonfly
head spinning
you forget to use your wings
Engirthed in decisions
hiding from the spring
Complications nestled close
hitched to your estate
Retracing, amplifying
inside your steely gates

I see inside your windows
you fear the stranger seen
Essence sealed with armour
cloaking who you might have been
You stare at your reflection
until it possesses you
a thousand acres beckon
a dawn Trill begs to break through

Invite yourself
to the summer grass
Desist the abeyance
exhale at last
You hadn’t realised
you were holding your breath
The constricting vines that ensnared you
have at last been put to death

Inhale the green leaves, the hay
the fragrant buds of truth

May kisses echo, whisper, nurture
as they celebrate you
Distil the perfumehappy, freedom, release
of your nature
You are mechanic,
woodcutter, mason, maker

The fields await
your heartbeat remembers
Legs long to rush
accompany eager feathers
Every atom heartened
blood from the soil
Undisguised and naked
feel your soul uncoil

Linked to Look Up Look Down, Skywatch Friday
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