Stop and smell the Hibiscus

look up there is hibscus

Stop and smell the Hibiscus (or the High Biscuits, yum)
Oh, you’ve got a cold, me too! But I can still enjoy her beauty. (the Hibiscus and the High Biscuits) Take a gander, a whiff, imbibe all that wonder, before they’ve taken leave from your senses.

Why not open up toΒ the magic in our life?
How many things around us, are we not remembering to see? Not just with our eyes, but where the blood pumps and beats. These amazing things may be with us every day, but have we become desensitised to their magic or has some insidious being slipped a blindfold on our brains? Sometimes we forget: All life is a miracle.

Our partners, family, friends; they’ve got awesome abracadabra! Nature is not just indescribable in her beauty, she serves us, keep us alive. It astounds me. Not to mention yummy high biscuits and hibiscus πŸ™‚ and technology, (okay maybe we haven’t forgotten technology, but clothes washing manually is slower than a turtle’s pet snail and can generate serious prune hands).

What about the things we’ve learnt, achieved, our infinite imagination. There’s so much more, my brain can’t describe or conceive! About the things we’ve overcome, we can say, ‘Hey I’m still here!’ I can breath. Even if we have a cold, an seemingly insurmountable problem, or a terrible disease. We live and breath, we can sn sn sneeze, we are alive. How lucky are we?

Wonderful, amazing, awesomeLike the hibiscus, we may get flapped around in the breeze, encounter a deluge of adversity (or Add-verse-i-tea: when you keep adding verses while drinking tea, especially if you’re allergic to Ads on Tea Vee) rain down on us, get stormed by a temperamental (or a temper mental) tempest, but there are days of sunshine, beauty and awe, and one day we’ll all leave. Let’s appreciate what we’ve got while we can. Let’s acknowledge the sunshine and the rain. We need both to live.

Gratitude is Great!
Wonderful things are part of our lives; let’s take a moment to say thanks for our blessings. I will start by thanking you. Thank you for reading; the Hibiscus made me write this. Thanks Hibiscus, I think. (Only kidding) Whether it turns out good or bad: that is if it resonates with you, even if it’s like feedback from a public address system. Hibiscus will be happy, and thankful for your feed back. She’s very hungry.

Have a wonderful, day, year, life. What are you grateful for?

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38 thoughts on “Stop and smell the Hibiscus

  1. Wonderful post.
    We need a reminder every now and again,maybe even every day that despite how busy we are or how heavy our burdens may be, that we are surrounded by family,friends, wonder and beauty…And
    Hibiscuits πŸ™‚

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  2. I am grateful for … being born on the sunny coast, for having possums who visit my shed, for my wonderful family and friends and for good health. πŸ™‚ We are so lucky to have enough food, shelter and clean water when so many in the world do not have these things. A lovely post and uplifting words. πŸ™‚

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