Take Five

mirror, reflection
One day I became aware that as I woke, my brain scanned my body and said, ‘I feel terrible’. I noticed this again, when I glanced at my reflection while washing my hands. I thought, ‘Goodness Gracious Me! That can’t be good for me’. And people are always telling ME how positive I am!

How I feel is up to me!
My thoughts, my life, my actions are my responsibility. I can choose what to believe, and what to focus on. I can choose to say, goodbye to can’t, shouldn’t, and lots of other ‘n’ts’, and live with a plan. If the plan goes awry as it quite often does, I could choose to get mad, sad or completely frustrated. But that’s just no fun. That’s not what I want my life to be. I could say hey that flower’s really lovely, but that’s mostly so I can put a pretty picture in here.

look up nature's here

Putting it in action
Today, despite having a new internet service, it chose not to work. I tried about six times, before I realised I hadn’t eaten anything yet. How kind of it to remind me to eat!

So I peeled and sliced a rather mature pear and as I picked up the plate on my way to eat, a slice saw the floor and took a gallant leap. But my hand was under it before I could blink. Then what did I think? What luck! What timing! Yes I’m rhyming! I am going to have a good day today. That’s great, but if I’d dropped it, what would I say? Would I have thought Jinx was on her way?

Appreciating what you have
So back to work and the internet’s still down, so to cheer him up, he’s off to holiday town! I told him, ‘though we’ve just met, you, Internet are important to me and I am sorry I’ve worked you so hard lately’…

Mindset, Happiness, Sky, Time outAnd now i’m back in Cyberspace
I just walked in to find you here, without the cyber chase
I should have watched the computer clock
I should have given you your leave
If I’d realised for just one second, you’ve the knack to brother me
We will survive, if we take five, hey hey

We have reinterpreted the lyrics of I will survive this week. If you have a post inspired by a song, a lyric, a melody we’d love to hear from you; especially when you Comment on other posts and link back to here. Happy blogging! 😀

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16 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. You really are having fun with the internet aren’t you? 🙂 I still have windows xp so will have to get a new computer soon – and I’m dreading it! I never wanted life to be so technical. Oh well … I suppose it gives the brain cells a work out. 🙂 And when my internet and computer is working I have to admit I have heaps of fun with it!

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