Golden shore

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A message flickered on her screen, a note from another time, the meaning clear.

Susan, today you took a photo. Show the world, protect the golden shore, keep the sea’s blue. The cargo ship’s smoggy embrace is a trip for a ship of fools.

Remind them that ‘stuff’ is of little import when no hope of real food exists. Humans need water to live. Air must be fit to breathe.

No one individual has a firm grasp of the whole. You must operate as a community. Forget categories of countries, unite as one populace, one Earth. Profits and ‘things’ are temporary. Fascination with celebrities, fashion and other distractions may be a nice escape, but such errands are for fool’s gold, when our world is in need. 

You may have noticed her distress as hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, flood, mega-fires, dis-ease. She may need your help, but it is us who will become extinct.

Your dreams can be a reality. Energy free and clean. Enough food, water and fresh air for the world. A permaculture ecosystem that functions perfectly. The knowledge, solutions are alive, but structures set up to ‘protect’ and control slow integration, obstruct solution implementation.

Doomsday theories are now fact. Humanity chose to not to see. Today we live in the dark. The surface too hot to endure. Only the strongest survive. It is not a life I wish to live twice. I must go now, the Earth is splitting apart from decades of being blown up. Get them to act while there’s still time, you have it, but just barely. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what can be done today. Tomorrow may never come.

I beseech you, younger me.

Susan had tried every way she knew, but The Message hadn’t got through. Only she remained. Those ‘up top’ had died or gone mad, or lay ill with no reprieve. It was just her, here in the dark. No one to ask for help, to love, to share her life.

She’d used up every idea in her brain…If only others survived. The fount of helplessness tears she’d subdued for years smothered her face. The want of crying had been overridden in the pursuit of trying. Trying when it’s too late.

If only we could go back, enhance our connections, cherish each other; living things. You’d think with all our ‘cleverness’ we’d have found a better way to live. I wish there was a rewind on Life. What if we’d chosen another way? ‘What ifs’ were as useless as ever. Action is what matters. Not taking it when we could have: It was the only thing she regretted.

Then she heard a beep of hope…



79 thoughts on “Golden shore

  1. It’s never too late but you wonder just how change will occur. Too much self serving from those in power, too much greed and not enough forward thinking/planning for future generations. There is always hope though…

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  2. Each of us is a tiny voice in a great wilderness of apathy, greed and indulgence. If we could put our voices together and make a bigger sound, would we be heard? Is it too late? The decision makers are owned by the rich, the courts are owned by the rich, the media is owned by the rich … how do we get our voices to be heard. It makes me sad because I don’t see answers … do you?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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    • Thanks for your comment. I’d like to believe it’s not too late. Each of us has our own genius. The solutions are there, if we can only get them in place. I wrote this unedited, and was a little hesitant to share it, but from the comments I see that I am not alone, in my thoughts. That gives me hope.


  3. I used to dive in the Mediterranean Sea, but no more today. when I go back to Algiers, Algeria_ which have a seashore of 850 miles, sometimes for vacation. Now, I have to drive 200 miles just to have a swim for a nostalgic remembrance, although I live a mile away from the beach of Borj-El-Kifan village, by irony of odds, I went walking. I can see from there a dozen liners anchored in the offing, they drain their bellies, right in the Bay of Algiers fraudulently, ago, they had are fined by the authorities-(now, they are very severe about that) but in the past, and for years, the ship captains, they drain it the in the large international waters limits when they are not caught but either way it’s to late for the damage is already done, all the Mediterranean is polluted.
    Thank you for stopping by , and your like me of my posts

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    • Thank you, for you reply.
      thanks God, there still exist people with great faith, and they are working on projects to purify the rivers that pour in the sea,from industries residues and the like. I heard lately that the youth contributed in cleaning the dozen beaches from oil spill, and floating debris rejected from the sea in to the shore, for the summer vacation, bootcamps, to people returning to the country
      Just for fun, I started my blog, Mackneen_the Algerian goldfinch some 3 years ago, a calling to save the bird, after a Wp prompt: invent a special holiday, so I got the crazy Idea to creat a blog, like a petition and post it, and see what happens, like you say, throwing a bottle in to the sea, maybe someone got the message, the last thing I know, there are association created to save the species, throughout the internet.
      I wish you good luck with yours, and keep your dream alive
      Many thanks

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  4. If a living creature cannot adapt itself to it’s habitat, it goes extinct. This may be humanity’s fate. A failure, an evolutionary dead end. However, if we succeed, if we thrive on this Earth of ours, if we spread the light of human civilisation beyond our atmosphere, then we become greater than evolution. We become the ones who, truly, tamed nature and thrived by adapting to it. I hope the first part of this comment becomes a joke in 200years. I hope the second becomes a paragraph in a history book in 200M.
    Good piece. Reminders like this are always welcome. That’s why we recycle. That’s why we develop more efficient cars. That’s why we research fusion energy and safe use of nuclear power plants. That’s why we build better infrastructure. That’s why we invest in clean sources of energy.
    Once again, congrats!

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  5. I’d like to think we will learn from our environmentsl mistakes, that we will change our ways before it’s too late. Yes, we are gradually doing more to slow the destruction of our resources but I do wonder if it’s too little, too late

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  6. I worry about the future of our planet and all the creatures that live on it. What right did one species have to come and take all the resources for themselves? I fear there is too much denial about what is happening.. it is a way to refuse to take responsibility for what has happened. But I have a child who will have a child and I want that child to love all creatures, not just themselves.. Michelle

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  7. Such a thoughtful and important post. I particularly liked this line: “The want of crying had been overridden in the pursuit of trying.” Hopefully, if enough of us try, there will be no need to cry down the road.

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  8. “Enhance our connections, cherish each other; living things” – I think you managed to include a profound and valuable line there, which encapsulates the solution. If only…

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  9. This was powerful and lovely.

    We do need to protect our earth…it sickens and saddens me to see the cavalier manner in which so many individuals and businesses damage our home.

    This was really a thoughtful and great link for the letter G.

    Thank you for sharing it.


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  10. a very timely warning indeed. I understand your fear that we won’t wake up in time to change things but I think it’s absolutely vital to hang onto the hope that we will. Posts like this are an important way of communicating just how extreme the problem is.

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