Faith lives inside the Heart


If you’ve found you’re oft looking down, at the shadows on the ground. Remember shadows can’t exist without light.

Look up, find your inner bright, begin an optimist’s life. Have faith that everything’s alright. (even when it feels like it’s not)

An Optimistic mind as a place to live and thrive, doesn’t cost a thing and is really rather nice. Even when you think you’re in for a dive, worry serves no purpose.

So practice this trick and make it stick before, you go out and perform in life’s circus.

(And even if you accidentally put your sleep-deprived finger in front of the lens, you can still rescue the photo) You can adapt or mend. 😀

Mistakes can be fixed, (so forget to fret) and are just another step on the path to success.

Wishing you a Wonderful Day ❤

Bastet’s Pixelventures/WeDrinkInspiration.


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