Follow my Lead

A rock weighted the card on the bench at the secret place where I think. The instructions were typewritten unsigned. Written for who? to find…but I am the curious kind.
Walk beside where you know I have been.
Follow my lead, my darling please.

The footprints were large, familiar
The sand squeaked with pleasure
I pitter-pattered aside at my leisure
careful not to tread on another’s path
yet not ready to assimilate the math

Behold, driftwood, a scarf knotted
flagrantly spotted, one word ‘Besotted’
Guilty I felt, as I knelt, like a voyeur
a thief of another’s moment of grandeur?

A voice startled me!
I shook, scared to look; was it a trap; treachery?
How naive of me, to be unprepared, a girl by the sea.
Expecting a knife, a stolen life, my heart shuddered loud
Fierce heat on my brow, and how!

Then I saw him, a man on his knees, 
Ring in hand, astonishing me
My man, asking please,‘Will you marry me?’

marriage proposal, love, wedding

35 thoughts on “Follow my Lead

  1. Wow! This was such a romantic tale that it took my breath away! I am hoping that it is real, because I want it to be! Very well done! It was also a perfect poem to share for the “lead/follow” prompts at Two Shoes Tuesday this week, and I’m delighted that you joined us. I hope we’ll see you there again!

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