To Love and Care

Hands reaching, lifting me up. His face looms, eclipsing the cheerful sky. Closer now…. His eyes flicker. His well-done-steak breath distracts from the nervous verve in his words. His bulbous digits stroke my head. I sense this comforts him.

He carries me with regard, as if I will fade in the sunlight. His love for me is what keeps him alive. I am his protector, his confidant, his friend. He believes he must tend to me, so he functions: for better or worse.

I will never betray his truth. My brethren share a duty of care. To provide comfort, salvation, to watch over his kind. I am the benefactor of his health, entertainment, and support.

I tilt my head and he smiles, his mouth indulging in puppy talk. I let out a woof. We are going for a walk. I let him place his restraint on over my head. It gives him a sense of control. I do my best to guide him.

I expose my joy fearlessly, and he reciprocates with ease. I am the custodian of his heart. He is my human charge, but we’ll keep that between you and me.

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