The Butterfly Effect

beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful

I met this amazing butterfly in Cairns. She had much to teach me. She lives in a different time frame. A few seconds spent with me, was like years to her. I was humbled by her generosity.

She reminded me about the evanescence of life. How precious it is. How we mustn’t take anyone, or important things like our health for granted. She worried about us in our cars, that we forget they are a machine that can kill.

She showed me the wonder of nature; of how we can grow into something beautiful from the humblest beginning. She said flying is wonderful but there are many things that humans do that are amazing too. Like loving, caring and protecting one another.

When I told her she was spectacular, she said there is nothing more spectacular than a genuine heart that cares, that loves deeply, and cherishes all creatures.

I have often had friendships with butterflies when they fly beside me on my walks. I feelย trulyย privileged and blessed.

NF Blo-Ma liten

37 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. so beauitful! and I once video taped an old butterfly from a dock on the lake – and when it came back a third time I was feeling similar to what you describe here – well just a little bit – but it was like this old, tattered beauty came back so I could take another photo – and it was also special because we had never seen a butterfly at this spot ever before —
    anyhow, this post was so well written – ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. What a magical moment you have shared beautifully with us. I’m so glad you entered it in Random Moments of Delight! It is always so deeply gleeful for me when a butterfly, hummingbird or dragonfly share space with me. You have written this so well.

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