It’s up to you

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Today may not have gone your way;
But that needn’t mar or sway your view.
There’s oft a queue, of bad news.
You decide how you feel.
You’re behind the wheel,
of your mind, at all times.
The world’s filled with glorious hues!
So why be blue?

It may be raining, and there’s no shame in,
an umbrella or two, to share, we know you care.
There’s no use complaining it’s hot.
Lamenting doesn’t make things stop or undo.
Life may be a circus,
but fretting serves no purpose: It’s true.

What if we could say goodbye,
to all the thoughts whereby,
you’re sad, frustrated, mad, deflated. Start anew.
You may not control the outside whirl,
but you’re the boss of your inner world. It’s up to you.
How you react’s a habit, let’s kick out the bad bits.
Don’t let a shipwreck inhabit your truth.

I’m not being clever.
We’re all in this together.
You elect what to be tethered to.
You select the inner weather,
please choose astute.

Whether it’s a stinker,
or your an over-thinker,
lets get cracking,
send junk thoughts packing. Shoo!
Replace them with another,
that won’t smother,
but renew, the all of you,
who’ll thank you dearly as peace accrues.

Sage words from the lips of good sense,
will put in their (three hundred and fifty-)two cents.
You’ll feel immense, through and through!
Your friends will be grateful,
to hear the new plateful, of happy news.
You may even start a happy trend
for those who love, tend and care for you.
Hop a ride on the ‘Merry’ Go Round.
Leave the shipwreck for higher ground.
I’ll be so very clearly happy for you 😀

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