Tess in the Guest House

Sometimes I find a story, an essay, a poem, that I think is pretty special, so I post it here. This week I’m honoured to present a beautiful story -written by my friend Tess – that I love and I think you will too.sunflower.jpg Flowers as far as the eyes can see. A field full of sun flowers, all turning their faces to the sun and reaching up as high as they can go. The beautiful yellow of each petal is striking against the green backdrop of the field. In the centre of this field, far from civilization and the intrusive noises of the outside world, you will find a young woman. She often comes to sit here to escape, to be free, to release her pain. Amongst the sunflowers she is not anyone’s daughter, sister or friend. She is just herself and she is free to feel.

Frustration boils inside her at the constraints that are placed upon her by society and the people who surround her. Moulds that she struggles to fit into each day and masks that are now becoming ever so tiresome. She longs for freedom; freedom to speak what is on her mind, to be accepted and loved for the person that she is. For each tear that moistens her cheek, one chain that bounds her will break. Eventually these chains will be gone forever and she will be free to move in a place where she no longer cares what is thought of her.

She will hold her head high and be truly proud of herself. She will no longer need the approval of those whose opinions shouldn’t even matter. Each day she will get stronger and when she looks around she will see but a few people standing by her. These people are the one’s who protect her from the winds when they get too strong, shelter her from the rain when it begins to pour, allow just enough sun in, for her to blossom without being burned. These are her true friends who love her smile that could light up the darkest of rooms, who respect her thoughts and advice, who cherish her quirky little habits. These are the people who would spend hours holding her hand and listening to her troubles if that is what it took to ease her mind. The rest, don’t really matter because they will all come and go.

Acquaintances will come and go, this is part of life, but these people will never leave. To them she is a shining light, an evening star. With the support, the never ending love and loyalty from these friends, she will believe in herself again and she is destined for wonderful things. She will believe again, she will break those chains and step by step find her true path to happiness.

Do not be surprised if you pass this young woman someday in the future and you do not recognize her. For you will not see her with her head down and there will be no tears in her eyes. She will not be walking defeated, silently waiting for yet another blow to knock her to her knees. Instead you will see a beautiful young woman whose eyes radiantly shine with happiness and life. Just like the sunflower she will stand tall, turn her face to the sun and breathe in the day. She will no longer be a part of the background but be exceptional in the foreground. She will be free.

Digital StillCameraTess and I (Tess is the one with the shorter hair) And the pose, whose idea..?


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