Wow! What on Earth is this?

Lovely, Wonderful, Surprise, BeautifulA Surprise Twist

I discovered this photo just before I decreed ownership of my camera over to my Mum. I have to work very hard or even be sneaky to give her anything (no, I don’t mean a cold!) I had used the camera little, and though it took some doing, (and much to her absolute delight) I ultimately talked her into receiving it.

The photo’s a bit of a mystery. At first I had no memory of it. What is it? When or how did I take it? Was I experimenting with Photography, was it accidental…or something divine or spooky? Eventually I had a vague recollection, an obscure recognition. What do you think it is?

Has the world brought you a mysterious surprise lately?
Linked to Cee’s Oddball Challenge


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