Where Writers write, what’s right for you?

writers write

What kind of writer are you? Do you get your ideas while spinning on a roller-coaster with a mountain goat, a possessive horse with a paddle-pop float, or riding a galloping one-legged Ninja (motorbike wheelies), chasing an elephant in the afternoon, inside a torrid dream of spooning, (not with the elephant!) mid-Mother-yes-I’ll wear a jumper-conversation or in the little room at the railway station? (You know which room I mean and I hope you’re not doing any of the other things at the same time!) Does inspiration strike at the most inopportune time or with pen, laptop or guitar in hand?

writers write

Ideas flourish and swirl through my mind at almost all times and don’t leave me alone until…I sit down to write. That magnificent river of words turns into a muddy puddle. While ill, full symphonies entertain me, hit songs with every rhyming word a revelation, until I recover enough to write. A fever sweeps me to a land of mystery: of fantastic tales of superhero dragon-tails, though when I cool the stories freeze. When I pick up a guitar, the melodies rush like a polyphonous stampede, but the la la las just don’t work for me.

Do youwriters write go into writing trance? Walk around like the Living Dead, while thoughts alive, thrive in your head? Do you bump into the furniture or stand at the open fridge door mesmerised; tranquillised and wondering why you’re there? Or is your brain civilised, patient and well trained, restrained until you are available to unleash its creativity? If you have found your treasured writer’s sanctuary, I couldn’t be more pleased. Whether your character’s Jack Bauer or you’ve lost your Sense and Sensibility, setting is key.

Here are two writers and their possibilities. One of them might be you; both of them might be me!

CHRIS dragged the laptop onto her bed. She knew pain would likely attend.

‘I have to hush the voices.’

They pestered her sleep, eats, showers, speech; unrestrained. She longed for a lull, or to leave the bed, but the body disagreed. Ofttimes solitude’s blessing was drowned by the clatter inside her head.

‘If I can release the words, maybe I’ll be free’.

Java-scented cafes appeased Sam; the 98-decibel-battle of street-noise, dish-clang, busker-beat, and entangled chatter’s reverberation.  Home mirrored her discontent. She needed the boisterous city-proud din, the more chaotic the better. It was here the words poured.

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51 thoughts on “Where Writers write, what’s right for you?

  1. So I’ve never done anything with ninjas or anything quite as exciting as what you said above, lol, but I get a lot of ideas while doing dishes or running haha. I day dream a lot while riding public transportation, play out scenes or dialogues in my head 🙂 Definitely need to put it on the page, too, or it feels like something crawling under my skin. Thankfully I have an understanding husband!

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    • It’s wonderful that you have such a theatrical imagination. Your head may be musing over characters at play, while you’re on the bus or train. Your fellow passengers are probably thinking of bills! But i understand the under-skin writing bugs! 🙂 You’ve got lots of great resources on your site.


  2. I drafted a post similar to this the other day, after a blogger told me the reason behind her blog name. Great post! I’m the same, ideas come to me at various times. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’ll find somewhere to jot down ideas.

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  3. I wish chasing elephants was an everyday occurrence. Or even a once in a lifetime occurrence. 🙂 Since I have to walk everywhere I need to go, I often pass the time in passive observance of my surroundings while writing in my head. The external world is the essential for filtering the internal one. Granted, I spend way too much time in my head and am prone to lying awake at night, running through scenes in my head. When I had a car, a long stretch of road with some good music was one of the best ways to ponder writing. I must feel alone to find my inspiration but still be a part of the world.

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  4. Loved this because I can be do anything anywhere and something will happen. I don’t know if it sparks a memory feeling and then I chase it into a new world or if whatever it is, is saying, “write about me before I am gone”. You have a new follower on here because of arranbhansal reblogging your post. 🙂

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    • Well said. Love that: A Professional Escapism Artist. And daydreaming’s wonderful; a magnificent prelude to writing or anything really. I think my replies have hit the escape key…


  5. Of late, many of my strongest ideas come to me when listening to songs. Not always new songs either. I might be listening to a song I’ve listened to a thousand times, and all of a sudden my brain goes, “what if that was one of your stories?” and proceeds to tumble over itself coming up with exactly how that story would go.

    Other than that, what starts ideas germinating in my head seems to be somewhat random. Recently, I even had an idea pop into my had while doing research for another story that I am currently writing! ^-^

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  6. If I had my choice, I would be a “write on a deck overlooking a tranquil lake” type of writer, but honestly, it looks more like “get ‘er done.”

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  7. Haha awesome post! My ideas usually come over a warm morning coffee. Sometimes however, a good idea just pops up from a shape, a situation, a movement etc… in which case I poor it onto my IPod. The little guy is running out of memory though… 😢
    Anyway, thanks for the awesome post!

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  8. Oh my, this was so poetic! For me inspiration generally strikes when I’m not willing for it to come. It could be anywhere and the challenge is to hold on to it until I sit to write it down. Loved the way you put this across, LHN!

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  9. I’ve kept this page open for several days now trying to get back to it. I liked it too much to not comment. So, I’m on my second cup of watered down coffee and can say without a doubt, I loved this. What kind of writer am I? I write for myself to keep my sanity. I care little if anyone wants to read what I write but must have pad and lighted pen at all times. Thoughts tend to flow just as I’m falling asleep and if they aren’t written down, well, you know the results. I’m going to be reading as many of your posts as I can. I love the little picture quotes.


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