Knowing when to Quit


Knowing when to quit

(And also possibly the longest meandering-est {yes my hands like to make up words, break writing rules and I can’t stop the fingers typing whatever they want-somebody help, my fingers won’t stop, I mean really, my arms really hurt; hey brain shut up, fingers are in control here} [with the most brackets] sentence ever written{ but before we get to that, perhaps this sentence is the definition of insanity}):

Spending four hours trying to upload one picture and nineteen words to my blog, accompanied by a soundtrack of ridiculously loud machinery, (my head hurts) faster-and-stronger-than-a-speeding Superman Sneezes, (way faster than two cheetahs but possibly not two cheaters) a body that must have taken a rest under a mammoth Mammoth stampede, constant futile interruptions, (where’s that rock I was hiding under, I know it’s here somewhere) and the KICKER, the reason for four hours of utter frustration: The internet connection that isn’t.

It taunts me with its pretence, which makes me pretty tense, strings me along but stops well short of actually doing anything. It’s sneaky! It leads me to believe I’ve actually adjusted or accomplished something, but when I return, I find it was a big Fat Lie. Liar, Liar, Internet Connection’s pants on fire. Where does the internet connection wear the pants? Who there wears the pants, and why am I suddenly so obsessed with pants?

I have found in the past when something isn’t working, if I take a break and return another day it will just miraculously work. Except with this: it is like this every day. No, I lied, sometimes it’s worse. The question on everyone’s lips, or perhaps eyes in this case. Will I sneak and slide this ridiculous post through Mr or Ms Internet connection Loafy Pants, (MILP) like a loaf of buttered fruit bread or will it see this in the not so rapid eye movements of its dreams? If I keep writing like this MILP is bound for a snore galore session soon, surely?

The Good News: I have ordered yet another internet connection. And it may be here next week! Or the week after… as to whether it will work. Considering the number I have tried, I reckon I’m due a Sky-rocketer!

Note to self and anyone else who wants to listen. Silliness is underrated. The world needs more silliness, more laughter, and less frustration. So in future: stop, when things don’t work. I know you’ll want to try seven thousand and sixty three different ways to get it to work, like you did today, but sometimes it’s okay to do something else for a while.


18 thoughts on “Knowing when to Quit

  1. I know the feeling. Its like an obsession. Wednesday I tried to upload some photos to Flikr…simple? Normally! But on this day it took forever for one photo then kept coming back ERROR….. Instead of trying another day and maybe oh cleaning the house!!! I stayed and persisted and persisted to no avail. Finally rang the internet company and they are upgrading -may go on for a few days. SO then you would think I would stop but NOoooo kept trying. What a waste of a day. Sometimes I curse the internet but (long story short!) I just wanted to tell you, you are not alone πŸ™‚

    PS I use too many exclamation marks!!!

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    • Nice to know I’m not alone. It just happened again I lost my reply to you soooooooooo I’m writing it again. I have to laugh though, to ward of the tantrums.
      P.S. After the day you described, more exclamation marks are definitely required! πŸ™‚


  2. i can really relate to this! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one sitting here for hours and not knowing when to stop! Had a frustrating day yesterday trying to fix widgets and learn new things.

    The hours just roll by. I am going to try and limit myself to maybe two hours max? Any longer than this and I know I start making more and more mistakes. Your blog looks wonderful and I am a new follower. πŸ™‚ Have a top day!

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  3. I fear I’m becoming addicted to the whole blogging thing – and I break every rule I’ve ever set myself around the principle of all good things in moderation. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start with the two hours maximum rule, or if not tomorrow, the day after that, or the one that comes next … soon, anyway, or soonish!

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  4. This is utter brilliance….at first read it seems like a stream-of-consciousness flow, unedited straight from your head….but then, at second glance, it springs to life with all these hidden nuances and plays-on-words and turns-of-phrase and vivid imagery and the reader (aka ME) realizes….this is true TALENT πŸ™‚


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