My Mother, My Hero

She watches, ready to lend a hand as I strive to find my feet
She waits at the bus stop as the dawn of learning greets
She worries over lunches, homework, lessons, friends, and art
She sows seeds of hope and love while she mends our heart

She darns more than our socks for sports day: she stitches our world together
She lives to nurture whether it’s sunny or troublesome weather
Her heart swells as we conquer our ills and woes, and thrive
She sacrifices her wants and needs so we live, strive, survive

She cries when we are on the stage: her eyes shining with pride
Our happiness; her reward, standing by our side, should we need her to guide
She worries as she nurses us through the worst traverse we’ll see
She dries our tears; kisses and disinfects our injured knee

She cares for us even as we grow taller than she
She will always love and protect us, whatever will be
She is my hero, my mother, she is kindness, love, protection
I thank her with the most sincere heart, and with the highest affectionchild
Dedicated with gratitude to the magnificent Mums and Dads. Thank you ❤

19 thoughts on “My Mother, My Hero

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